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Five Tips for Protecting Your DJ Equipment When Playing at a Hot Outdoor Event

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If you are planning to DJ at an outdoor event, it may get hot, especially if it's during the summer. Because of that, you want to take steps to ensure your DJ equipment is protected from the heat. To ensure your equipment doesn't fry or break down, here are some tips to consider:

1. Create your own shade.

If the venue is not providing shade for you to play under, make sure that you bring your own. You can buy portable canopies that feature a UV-resistant tarp supported by four telescoping legs. Also, consider bringing tarps to hang from the sides as needed to block horizontal rays as the sun rises or sets.

2. Raise your gear.

When addressing overheating, you cannot just think about the sun's rays from above. You also have to consider how the heat is building up in your equipment. Ideally, you should keep the equipment raised on wooden platforms that allow it to ventilate. You may also want to bring fans to help with ventilation and cooling.

3. Bring less expensive, more durable equipment.

Instead of bringing your best DJ equipment to a hot event, consider buying some less expensive equipment. For example, instead of using expensive computers or laptops that aren't likely to function well in extreme heat, use a set of CDJ decks. They are more durable, and you can often find inexpensive used ones. If possible, use burnt CDs -- that allows you to keep your original music at home, so you still have it in case anything happens to the burnt discs.

Also, consider leaving your high-tech, expensive controller at home. Instead, invest in a cheaper controller before the event, and plan to use it at other outdoor events where your equipment may be threatened by the elements.

4. Invest in UV-resistant equipment covers.

Regardless of which equipment you decide to bring, make sure that you have UV-resistant covers to protect your equipment. These covers contain special foam that protects your equipment from dust and heat.

5. Don't store your equipment in the sun.

When you are waiting to play your set or afterwards, make sure that you move your DJ equipment to a cool inside room or take it home. If neither of those options are available, park your car in the shade, crack a window for ventilation and keep your DJ equipment there. Also, make sure that it is in cases to reduce sun exposure and keep dust out.